Portfolio Category: Big / Uplifting

Heroic Epic Strings

A hopeful, heroic, corporate, epic and motivational song – supported by a superb piano melody and a great bells melody that will undeniably grab the attention of your audience. ‘Heroic Epic Strings’ is perfect for corporate projects, cinematic or orchestral projects, commercials, tutorials and many other uses needing that boost of hopeful, uplifting and motivational energy. This inspirational track is the perfect addition to images of business success, productivity, sales, growth and freedom....
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A New Beginning

A highly motivational, inspirational, uplifting and euphoric song – supported by ‘washed out’ vocals and an extremely catchy synth melody inspired by the sound of the French shoegaze band M83. ‘A New Beginning’ is a fantastic choice of music to enhance your corporate projects, commercials or any other projects needing that extra touch of happiness and euphoria....
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Formentera Sunset

A soothing, mesmerising, energetic and massive club anthem – supported by a firm electronic dance beat, beautiful synth chords and a extremely memorable portamento and piano melody that will occupy your mind for the rest of the day. If you’re a fan of the early works by Deadmau5, you will definitely love this one!...
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