Fields Of Yellow Flowers

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  • Big / Uplifting
  • Corporate
  • Happy
  • Hopeful
  • Modern
  • Motivational
  • Positive
  • Upbeat
  • Vocal
  • Warm / Inviting
A positive, euphoric, hopeful and uplifting corporate song – supported by warm guitars, happy claps, vocal choirs & yells and a super catchy piano melody that will instantly visualise images of business, hope, success, happiness, fun and joy.

‘Fields Of Yellow Flowers’ is inspired by that immensely popular happy corporate sound, as promoted by artists like the Lumineers, Mumford And Sons, Coldplay, Edward Sharpe and Anna Kendrick to name a few.

It’s highly suitable for corporate projects, advertising, commercials, school movies, slide-shows, presentations and a huge variety of other projects begging for an extra bump of that blissful, hopeful, inspiring and motivational feeling.