With every budget in mind we thought it would be nice to have an opportunity to choose, so we are offering two different types of files; songs and bundles. If you are working on one project that needs music fast, a single song would be the right choice. But if you have more projects in the pipeline and you are shopping for more music, why not take a better deal? If you choose one of our bundles we will give you 50% discount on the songs! Isn’t that fantastic?

One song

$ 13-17* /song
  • High quality audio
  • MP3 & .wav files included
  • Multiple versions (instrumental, no drums, etc)
  • Instant-download
  • Low-priced
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3-song bundle

$ 25* /bundle
  • High quality audio
  • MP3 & .wav files included
  • Multiple versions per song (instrumental, no drums, etc)
  • Instant-download
  • Best deal (50% off!)
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*Please keep in mind that the price depends on the type of license you need for your project. Prices mentioned above are based on a Regular License. If you are looking for an Extended License prices may vary from $65 – $85 for a single song and up to $125 for a bundle.

If you want to learn more about the different types of licenses, please check our dedicated section on the right.

Why Choose Us

Our team has gathered over 90+ years of experience. With roots in every segment of the music industry we have created a solid foundation and crafted all the skills we need to manage any genre out there.
We know you care deeply about your projects. And we care about you.
Our music is of the highest quality and has been arranged in a way so that it’s easily editable. Also, we often include different versions of the same song, for example a “non-drums” or an “instrumental” version. This way we ensure our music will enhance your project in the best way possible.
We always offer a free watermarked preview for all of our songs. This way you have all the freedom to try and see if our music works for your project. No strings attached!
Our royalty free music is distributed by our partner AudioJungle.net. Using our music is as simple as picking a song, choosing the right license and checking out! A click on the download-button and you’ll be well on your way to enhance your project with our music.
Just ask! We would love to create a custom piece for your project. Please contact us to discuss pricing, we assure you we will deliver you the best result to enhance your work.

Convinced yet?

We promise you won’t be disappointed. Click the button on the right to start browsing our amazing collection.